Here at EnerQuest, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project – from consultation to maintenance, you can count on us to take care of your concerns. Our work always meets the highest quality requirements.


We pride ourselves on offering customized solutions to specifically meet our customer's needs.


With a brand new, state-of-the-art building the capabilities are endless!


Prefabricated Electrical Buildings (E-Houses)


  • Designed, fabricated and assembled in house
  • E-Houses are shipped in one complete piece with no on-site assembly required
  • Modular design allows for customized designs to fit customer specific requirements
  • Tamper resistant design for the entire structure
  • Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) for base-frame and wall construction
  • Sealed envelope for pressure or vacuum requirements for compressed fire suppression systems
  • Standard design will withstand 150lb snowload
  • Spray insulation floor and ceilings
  • In floor wire raceway for controls, communication and power circuits including in-floor busway systems
  • Included fire suppression and security systems
  • Anti-slip rubberized flooring option available





  • Standard and customized power distribution systems ranging from 208 volts to 34,500 volts.
  • Brand agnostic
  • Ability to integrate with other manufactured components
  • Stainless steel
  • All equipment is powder painted. Any customer colour requirements will not affect original cost or delivery requirements.
  • No integration on site required.
  • Constructed with fork pockets for ease of maneuvering integration with built on lifting lugs for overhead crane lifting.
  • All switchgears are fully certified by a structural engineer.
  • International patent pending remote breaker racking system for low voltage, 5kV and 15kV, walk-in and non-walk-in enclosures.
  • All designs are modular, tamper resistant and constructed out of hollow structural steel tubing.



Mining Skids


  • Internationally patent pending Automatic Breaker Racking System allows operators to have 100% control of the integral remote racking system for any low voltage circuit breaker from 70 amps to 3000 amps.
  • Operators stand outside of the ARC Flash boundary while using the HMI touch screen command or control room operator station to rack the breaker back into the connected position.
  • Roll in cassettes provide ease in speed of repair, replacement, production uptime, reliability, interchangeability and can quickly be modified to service different applications.
  • Fully integrated and automated for remote monitoring and switching control.
  • Brand agnostic



Alternative Energy Solutions


  • Electrical power distribution equipment 
  • Walk in electrical enclosures
  • Integrated switchgear and metering
  • For the full spectrum of alternative energy power generation
  • Fully integrated solutions complete factory tests completed before shipping which typically reduces on site installation startup and commissioning by 25-30% or more
  • Grid solutions for distribution and transmission lined connections 
  • With our integrated automation system for ground mount utility scale solar EnerQuest has created dynamic power factor control automatic PLC based 
  • Without our integrated I-Houses (MV Station) EnerQuest has developed automatic contactor logic to increase the DC to AC power ratio through monitoring solar radiance current and voltage inputs to each power inverter which allows you to increase your power output maximizing your financial income. Through varying environmental conditions. 
  • EnerQuest was the first company in Ontario to develop autocmatic dyanamic power factor control for a 10 megawatt ground mount utility scale soalr project under the Ontario FIT for the green energy act of Ontario. 





  • EnerQuest is able to provide custom programming, data collection and systems integration, in a wide variety of environments in order to help our customers meet their requirements 





  • Two 80 tonne cranes, 35' high ground-to-hook , both with 2 trolleys
  • Two 20 tonne cranes, 33' high ground-to-hook, both with 2 trolleys
  • 40 ton capacity crane, complete with 2 trolleys
  • 20 ton capacity crane
  • 3 ton capacity crane
  • Two 10 ton capacity cranes
  • 20' H x 60' D x 24' W Powder Paint Booth
  • 20' H x 60' D x 24' W Paintblast Booth
  • 2 ton capacity Toyota forklift truck
  • 3.5 ton capacity Nissan forklift truck
  • 8' - 80 ton Safan electric press brake, complete with a Wila quick clamp tooling (Eco friendly - no hydraulics)
  • 10' - 120 ton Baykal hydraulic press brake 
  • 6' x 10' Flow Mach 2 waterjet, 60,000 PSI
  • 39" x 10" vertical mill 
  • 8" x 40" lathe 
  • 3KW Fiber Laser with a 5' x 10' bed
  • Five 452 MIG welding machines
  • Four 252 MIG welding machines
  • TIG welder 
  • 1/4" x 120" capacity shear
  • Voortman horizontal CNC drill V600, 5 tool capacity, working area of 55' long x 41 1/4" high
  • B-25-C43 CNC, working area of 22" high, 40" wide 
  • WF Wells horizontal band saw